Aunt Tootsie's Stories are tales to read to your kids. A mixture of fantasy, folklore, and imagination - fairy tales with a slightly modern twist. Children's stories from way back when.

Aunt Tootsie was a real person - born in 1900. Though she never wrote her stories down many were told in substance to her daughter (and numerous other small persons).

Bid And Bod And The Octopus

Bid and Bod are two small green bugs - known by some irate gardeners as aphids - who once lived on Aunt Jannie's rose bush on an island in the middle of the gold-fish pond. Aunt Jannie was Aunt Tootsie's sister. But to several generations of wide-eyed children they peopled Aunt Tootsie's fantastic stories, weaving imagination with space and time, surreal landscapes, and sparkling adventures. This is one of many Bid & Bod stories.

Bid And Bod And The Stinky Rose

Bid and Bod go on a scary journey to the seed-beds of the stinky rose. They are rescued by a big white bird, a little boy, and a grumpy old man.

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