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The Emerald - A Christmas Eve story in which a young girl wakes to find her little brother gone out in a snowstorm in search of Santa. Frightened and scared, she follows his footsteps into the night, and they both become lost in a fantasy adventure involving crystal caves and small trains hauling emeralds. When she wakes, perhaps it was just a dream, but there is a memento under the tree and dripping boots by the door. For children from four to eight (or maybe older) who love Santa and know he's not for real but wish he was! Full text available online, a hard copy with 27 illustrations available for purchase.

Frances the Ferry  - A magical children's story involving a red ferry and a Ferris wheel who live on a lake in Canada. They feel despondent about being stuck in one place, and a Canadian glacier named Sankredi smiles on them and, using her magic, takes them, and a little girl who is left on the Ferris wheel, on a flying trip around the world, encountering wild creatures in deserts, seas, mountains and icebergs! Thirty small illustrations enliven the text.  Illustrations may require Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Acrobat it may be downloaded free. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat.

Chaanook - A story for children of wild domestic turkey's in Idaho. Chaanook is orphaned as a baby turkey when his Mom is shot by a hunter. He survives his first winter alone in the woods, but is very lonely. He wants to "drum" but doesn't know why. Accidentally he rediscovers the farm where he was born, and with the help of the wise old farm cat, rescues his new turkey friends from Thanksgiving dinner and finds them a snug home in the woods. Not yet illustrated. For young children - a good story to introduce them to the concept of life in the woods.

The Bumbleberry Tree - a fantasy children's story, partially rhyming. It's the tale of a penguin from the south pole who drifts into the tropics on a melting iceberg. Good imaginative bedtime story to read to very young children. Not yet illustrated.

Aunt Tootsie's Stories - Aunt Tootsie's Stories are stories to read to your kids. A mixture of fantasy, folklore, and imagination - fairy tales with a slightly modern twist. Aunt Tootsie was a real person - born in 1900. Though she never wrote her stories down many were told in substance to her daughter (and numerous other small persons). Can fascinate children of most any age. Good practice for the blossoming reader, as some vocabulary not normally encountered in children's books is included.

Equise Family Chronicles A serial novel for young adults featuring a teen-age girl caught up in a dangerous international family intrigue.   This is the first installment of a proposed novel - we would like to have your comments.



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