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A Children's Story




Grace Alice Moore

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Once there was a bee in a Bumbleberry tree
She lived off purple jam and gooseberry tea


The tree was by an ocean and a strip of golden sand
And you'll never guess what happened! It was surely never planned!


One day the sun was shining, it was hot as it could be
And the bee was gently snoozing in the
Bumbleberry tree


The sea was green gold calm, with a bit of fairy froth
And drifting toward the shore was an iceberg from down south!


Now icebergs surely melt in a hot and sunny sea
But this one drifted closer to the
Bumbleberry tree


The iceberg smelled like winter and the Bee woke with surprise
She rubbed and rubbed but couldn't get the snowflakes from her eyes


There upon the iceberg was a strange and scary sight
A fat and waddly thing in a suit that was too tight


The Bee was quite astounded and her six legs fairly shook
This thing looked like nothing in her mother's history book


The thing sat on its seater and slid down to the ground
It looked like it was hungry and wanted to be found


Now the bee was very gentle (she would never sting a fly)
And the thing that stood before her looked about as if to cry


The Bee sucked up her courage and peeked out from in her tree
"Who are you stranger?" said she "And have you come for tea"


The Stranger looked up startled, he had never seen a bee
I'm just a lonely penguin, and I'm lost as you can see"


The Bee was all aflutter. She came down out of her tree
"How are you lonely penguin, you've come from far I see?"


"I come from far away I think. I've been so long at sea"
"It is so very hot here. Please may I have some tea?"


Now the Bee was very kind. She could see the Penguin sweat.
So she got a big gooseberry and a table she did set.


The penguin nearly fainted and his feet were very hot
The Bee peeled the gooseberry and squeezed it in her pot.


Now trees are just like people, at least within this land
The Bumbleberry stretched its limbs and shade was on the sand


"How are you Lonely Penguin" said the Bumbleberry tree
"It seems to me with that suit on you're hot as you can be"


"Why thank you" said the Penguin "And pardon my surprise"
"But never such a thing as you have I seen with my eyes"


"This is a Bumbleberry tree", the bee said nodding twice.
"It gives us fruit and shade and thorns with which we'll get some ice."


"Your iceberg's quickly melting" said the Bumbelberry tree.
"Quick pick a thorn and pry some ice before it's gone to sea"


The penguin looked quite worried but did as he was told.
"What shall I do? What shall I do? I live where it is cold"


"You're surely here quite welcome said the Bumbleberry tree.
"And I will give you purple jam if you will stay with me.


"We would so love to have you" chimed in the gentle bee.
"It really is quite lovely here, looking out to sea."


"But I will surely perish - it's much too hot for me"
The penguin sat down slowly and cried into his tea.


"What can we do? What can we do?" the gentle Bee exclaimed.
The iceberg's surely melting, the Penguin had explained.


The sun climbed ever higher and the iceberg shrank and shrank.
Until the last piece melted as in a big fish tank.


"I come from very far away, down South where it is cold"
If I never do return there I will never grow quite old.


"You surely cannot swim there, it is very much too far"
"And your wings aren't made for flying, as mine most surely are"


"Perhaps I have an answer" thought the Bumbleberry tree.
"The thinking made her glow and glow, a surprising thing to see.


"Please Penguin pick a thorn right quick and pick a berry fat.
"And you dear Bee, get in this tree and find your yellow hat"


"Now stick my berry with my thorn and magic you shall see"
"Grab one end tight and fly away my sweet and gentle Bee."


The berry had a magic juice, it made a purple thread.
Like silk so light it floated free while skyward the Bee sped.


The Bee was smart and cunning and knew what she must do.
She swooped and swirled and sometimes twirled and wove a big igloo.


"Now you shall have a proper ride from here to your home town."
"This silken purple igloo, will never let you down!"


The penguin was ecstatic, and also overjoyed.
He hopped into the igloo which the Bee had just deployed.


"I'll always love you always!" said the penguin to the tree.
"And I'll always love you always !" said the penguin to the Bee.


"If ever you should come down South you must come visit me"
The gentle evening breeze came up and puffed so light you see


That soon the igloo headed South far out above the sea.


The End

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