We understand that paintings are a very personal purchase.  Any painting may be returned within 7 days of receipt for full refund, subject to the following.  The 7 days is from the date the painting is signed for at your address.


Foreign shipments have a different policy.   Please click here.


Professional designers please click here.


If painting was damaged in shipment please notify us immediately and we will pursue a claim with the shipper.  Please keep all packaging materials intact as the delivery company will want to inspect them, and the painting, and will not honor a claim unless this is done.  We insure to full value and will refund in total on shipper validation of damage and return of painting.


We understand you may want to hang the painting on your wall to see how it lives in its new home.  Often we include a wire to facilitate this.  But please do not frame it until you are sure you are keeping it.  And do not lay it on your bed and let your dog jump in the middle (yes, this has happened!)  Paintings that have been stapled or nailed into a frame may not be returned.  Of course if your dog jumps on it, or it is otherwise scratched or damaged, we will not expect you to return.  Paintings can be repaired but it is difficult, sometimes expensive, and sometimes impractical.


Should you decide the painting is not for you, please notify us by e-mail or phone (within the 7 days), that you wish to return the painting, so we will be expecting the package.  We will provide you with a return authorization by e-mail.  Please include this authorization in the package.


Please package the painting properly for return.  If in doubt take it to UPS or FedEx and let them do it


You must pay the return packaging, insurance, and shipping.  Insure for the amount you paid.


You may use any shipper that offers a tracking number.  Notify us by e-mail of the tracking number.


We will accept the painting for full refund provided it is received undamaged.  (If it should be damaged in shipment you must contact your shipper for insurance reimbursement.  We will hold the package for their inspection.)   Any expedited shipping charges you may have requested are not refundable.   Foreign shipping charges are also not refundable.   We do not charge for domestic ordinary shipping to you in the first place, (unless you are a designer and receive a trade discount.)


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