We have also worked in the design trade for many years, though not as Wrendesign.    We can work with you to supply fine art for anything from fine homes to commercial establishments such as restaurants, offices and hotels.

For individual pieces we can work with you somewhat on price depending on quantity.   We suggest for homes or small jobs you incorporate a buyers premium.   Our internet pricing does not reflect the usual free-standing gallery mark-up.

For multiples (such as prints for hotels) we can work with you to provide the actual graphics, or we can license an image for a specified print run.   We can usually provide a sample.   All samples will be at a charge (our cost) which will be applied against the order if completed.

Interior decorators working out of stores are also welcome.

We sell "on approval" only as specified in our Returns policy - regardless of whether you are an individual or a company.   If you have received a discount of any sort we do not pay for original shipping and insurance nor is that amount refundable.  Paintings that have been damaged or altered (such as being nailed into a frame) or paintings kept beyond the specified time limit are not returnable.   If you will require more time for your client please advise us when ordering and we will try to accomodate.

Account terms are offered to established businesses with high credit ratings after a first purchase and with a good credit report.    Terms are a firm 30 days, with late charges after that.   Terms on special orders (such as print runs) are specific to the particular order and will usually require a non-refundable deposit.

For first-time or single purchases we suggest using Paypal.   We will send you an e-mail invoice and you may pay with either a bank account or a credit card.   Any returns are then also handled through Paypal.

See also our page on Interior Design With Original Art.

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